How To Make Weekend Affordable For Your Kid

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Are you looking for fun and affordable activities or things to do with kids to keep them amused? Then, you've come to the right spot!

It's widely acknowledged that fostering strong family connections can notably enhance children's well-being over their lifetime. The robust social support provided by parents and siblings not only diminishes stress but also uplifts self-esteem, nurturing better mental health.

Engaging in family-friendly activities alongside children serves as an enjoyable avenue for growth, learning, and shared fun, creating lasting memories.

For numerous families, weekends present the prime opportunity to invest quality time in each other. If you're seeking a mix of classic and innovative weekend activities to enjoy with your kids, this comprehensive list is your go-to resource. Keep reading for the best suggestions for indoor play zones and advice to ensure a weekend filled with memorable moments!

So, let’s keep the ball rolling!

Fun Activities You Can Do This Weekend With Kids

Whether you're gearing up for an exciting getaway or seeking budget-friendly activities for Indoor play area for a cozy time at home, weekends offer numerous enjoyable options for family fun. Keep in mind that some of the most rewarding family activities only demand your full attention and perhaps a touch of creativity.

As the weekend approaches, explore these 8 delightful things to do with kids:

1. Go on a Picnic

Pack the car and drive everyone to a picnic for a relaxed afternoon; you can also plan in the indoor play zone area. Taking a family picnic is one of the most economical weekend activities for kids. Bring the following items with you:

  • Food: A conventional picnic meal consists of sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables. Bring lots of water to keep your youngsters hydrated.
  • Picnic blanket: Your local park is likely to have picnic tables available. You can even have your picnic on the grass, as long as you're willing to share your meal with some insects.
  • Wipes: Before you have your picnic lunch and head home for the day, ensure that your children have washed their hands after playing outside. If there are no facilities available, you can use hand sanitizer wipes.
  • Games: Bring a range of games and activities, such as flying discs, a soccer ball, a kite, jump ropes, and anything else your children enjoy.

2. Experience the Indoor Jungle Gym

Even on rainy or gloomy days, kids need to have playtime. An indoor jungle gym is a fantastic solution for such gloomy weather. Home-based indoor playgrounds for kids are becoming popular because they enable them to stay active regardless of outside conditions. This way, they can step away from screens, enjoy physical play, and have a great time all in one go. It's a win-win situation, promoting their healthy and strong growth.

Off the Wall Kidz is currently one of the top choices for the best indoor playground for kids. We've ranked number one because our playgrounds are affordable and safe. 

3. Carve or decorate a pumpkin

For an enjoyable fall activity with kids, visit a pumpkin patch and let them pick out their favorite pumpkins! The little ones can choose smaller ones they can carry, while older kids and parents can have a blast carving them. If your kids are too young for carving tools but want to join the fun, try decorating the pumpkins with paint, stickers, or markers. Scooping out the insides for smaller children makes for a fantastic sensory experience. 

4. See a Movie

A family movie night is another chance to interact with your children through their favorite stories and characters. Catching a movie is the ideal remedy for a wet weekend. Everyone, including adults, can enjoy G-rated films. Consider the following three approaches to watching a family movie together:

Going to the movies: Treat your kids to the excitement of a new movie on its release night at the cinema. The whole movie theater experience, with popcorn and candy, is something special.

Drive-in option: Explore a nearby drive-in theater for a unique experience. Treat your kids to a movie night from the comfort of your car. Remember to bring blankets and pillows if you're watching from the trunk.

Cozy movie night at home: Consider a laid-back evening with a streaming session or a rented movie at home. Make some homemade pizza and unwind together on the couch.

5. Cook Food Together 

Remember to include indoor family activities for chilly or rainy days. One suggestion is to engage in baking or cooking together. Children particularly enjoy crafting pie crusts, biscuits, and pizza because they get to play with the dough. Once the baking is complete, relax and savor a delicious bite with a refreshing drink.

6. Set Up Camps

Find an indoor playground for kids near you, grab a tent, and share stories around the campfire. Encourage your children to identify animals, listen to insect noises, or collect backyard materials for a project—all while reminding them that fun doesn't have to cost money. Additionally, gather your fishing rods for a fishing trip and consider incorporating a sunrise hike or a bike ride into your camping adventure.

7. Play Board Games

Spend quality time together without breaking the bank. Board games not only entertain but also create lasting memories. Rediscover the joy of friendly competition and laughter around the game table. So, dust off those classic board games, gather the family, and embark on a weekend filled with timeless fun and shared moments. Rediscovering those classic games can spark friendly competition and even unveil some hidden family talents. So, dust off those board games and let the weekend fun begin!

8. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt? Think outside the box! Choose locations like the local park, hiking trails, or your neighborhood—ensure it's traffic-friendly. Explore a new area if your kids are older for an adventurous twist. Check out the indoor playground for kids near me or another public spot within walking distance for an imaginative setting.

Choose a suitable location: Organizing a scavenger hunt is easy and fun! You can do it at the local park, hiking trails, or even in your neighborhood (just avoid busy streets). For older kids, consider exploring new places. If there are lots of shops or places nearby, get creative and use a farmer's market or another public spot as your setting. Happy hunting!

Please do your research: As you write your scavenger hunt items, learn about the history of your hometown and look for distinctive locations associated with it. Does your town have any historical structures or markers? Was the city founded by a railway? Include these landmarks on your list to assist your children in learning about their hometown's history.

Make it fun: Make up some puzzles or activities for your children to complete when you all find an object. You could have your kids do a cartwheel before an X-shaped object or pose for a crazy face shot with a local painting. Explore together and have some fun in the process. You can also invest in an indoor playground for big kids to keep them engaged during fun activities.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I as a parent ensure that spending time with their families is enjoyable for all?

Sharing moments with family can be as uncomplicated as enjoying a meal or watching a great movie together.  Ensuring that everyone feels heard and enjoys the activity creates a positive experience for the whole family. The secret is to concentrate on each other without any disruptions, such as phone calls or work, and fully embrace presentthe moment. 

2. How can families make sure their kids stay safe during weekend activities?

To keep your children safe during weekend fun activities, watch over them as they play and teach them about staying safe. Remove all the sharp objects or harmful materials around the indoor play zone.

3. How can I ensure that everyone in my family makes the most of their weekend?

Plan the weekend activities and let everyone know so that everyone can contribute and have a good time. Alternatively, gather ideas from everyone on how to spend the weekend together before deciding on a plan.

4. How can you make sure your family enjoys weekend activities without feeling tired and stressed? 

First, keep things realistic by not planning too much. Ensure the schedule is flexible so everyone can have a good time without feeling overwhelmed. Pay attention to everyone's energy levels, and take short breaks between activities if needed. Talk to your family members about the activities they like to avoid any complaints or grumbling.

5. Can you suggest some fun family activities with members who have disabilities or special needs over the weekend? 

Explore the wonders of a zoo or amusement park, take a stroll or drive, indulge in artistic pursuits, catch a movie at home or in a theater, embark on a joint reading adventure, collaborate in the kitchen for cooking or baking, savor a dining-out experience, and create delightful moments with shared dancing or music. You can also invest in a playground for kids indoors that can easily be customized as per your needs.